The 2016 Korean Sunglasses Fashion Exhibition Of Sunglasses For UK Women With Best Sales

July 3rd, South Korea star fashion sunglasses brand COVE sunglasses for UK women second quarter Chinese fashion people gathered at the headquarters of the brand’s first collective forum for the first time.

sunglasses for women1
The fashion of people is launched in South Korea in June this year, China fashion icon in the second quarter recruiting activities in selected the. Most of them are from Korea University, University and other colleges and universities in Han Chinese students wearing sunglasses with best sales and free profession person. Was selected in the Korean Chinese fashion has been able to take off the lead, is a love of fashion, like fashion dress, the life has a positive attitude, in life is a tide of fashion.

sunglasses for women2
This time to participate in the collective forum, designers also hope China fashion of people to wear cheap sunglasses cove to the brand and fashion concept transfer and to share more of other Chinese friends, let more people know and understand the brand.

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